• Jackie Shelton

Pomp & Circumstance

Scored for Band, Orchestra, or combined Band & Orchestra, this set is completely versatile. Careful doublings across the wind and string parts allow it to be performed stand-alone by either ensemble.

Graduation is right around the corner and deserves all the Pomp and Circumstance, whether virtual or in person. Even though graduations may be different than past years, your school and band/orchestra can prepare a virtual ensemble for graduation.

Did you know the Pomp and Circumstance song, otherwise known as the graduation song, originated back in 1901 when it was used for the coronation of King Edward VII. The name of the song comes from a line in a Shakespeare play, Othello, “Pride, pomp, and circumstance of glorious war!” but we can leave out the war part.

While the song had been used for a royal coronation, the composer Sir Edward Elgar used it when he graduated from Yale in 1905. The song then rolled through the other large colleges as the graduation song and now no one can fathom a graduation ceremony without it.

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