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OVE was created to support you!

Our conductor Steve Martin, owner of GPG Music, shares a few thoughts about how Marching Band is more than notes and steps, view it here!

Pivoting to OVE - our part in helping virtual learning

Maybe you’ve noticed we’ve been pivoting and updating this last year, as has many a band leader and their ensembles. We responded to the pandemic that shut down Marching Band by creating Our Virtual Ensemble, which helped keep music and passion for playing together alive for all ages from elementary through community bands. We pulled off the biggest Marching Band event we've ever done---a one-time opportunity to showcase nearly 1,000 performers in a video for CBDNA's January College Football Half-time show. It was amazing to work on. We've pivoted yet again getting most ensembles ready to play thru the summer and fall seasons. We’re passionate about keeping music going and inspiring the next generation. We love to support directors by guiding them through the music selection to meet or push the skills of their students. Every year we do a new release of shows. We know how 2020 went down, so we’re calling a do-over: all releases from 2020 are “new again” for 2021. By letting us help you, you helped us come out of this pandemic stronger than ever! As a thank you, look for our incentive program coming out this month.

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