Frequently Asked Questions

Who does the editing?

A team of editors at GPG Music will take care of all editing for your video.

How long does it take for my final video to be edited?

From the time we receive all student video submissions, the video editing takes between 10-15 business days, depending on the ensemble size. Contact us to determine an editing timeline for your ensemble!

I have students who should not be heard, is there a way to mute their audio?

Yes, we can always mute a student's audio if desired by the director. Please send a list of student videos that should not feature audio to prior to beginning of the editing process.

Are there pieces available to use other than those from GPG Music?

Yes, there is always the possibility of using a piece from another publishing company, and we're currently establishing partnerships with additional publishing companies to expand the available repertoire. If there is a specific piece of music you wish to have your ensemble record, you'll need to acquire an audio recording of the piece, PDFs of the parts, and a synchronization license from the publisher or composer (whoever holds the copyright) in order for the piece to be used in OVE. Please contact for more information.

What is the Virtual Classroom?

The Virtual Classroom is an interactive webpage that is set up specifically for your ensemble. The Virtual classroom walks your students through the process of learning and practicing their music, has places for instructional videos made by the teacher, and helps the students record and submit their videos.

Can I use my school district’s online education platform to help my students through this process? Examples include Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Blackboard and Canvas.

Yes, you certainly can use a different platform for providing your students with all the materials they need to record. Please email to coordinate details.

What is the standard video wall?

The standard video wall features all students who submitted a video on the screen at the same time for the length of the piece used. Examples of the standard video wall can be found at the bottom of the home page or by clicking the EXAMPLES button at the top of the home page.

What does a custom final video entail?

A custom final video provides the opportunity for the director of the ensemble to take part in producing the final video. Once the custom option is selected during checking out, you'll be contacted by our video editor to discuss specific effects, placement of students on the screen, and featuring of sections or individuals during the piece. You'll receive a quote of the video editing cost at the end of the consultation. Editing for a custom video will be billed at the end of the editing process.

I have seen videos that include conductors, how does that work?

The conductor of the ensemble will be given the option to record a video of themself conducting to an audio recording of the piece. This video will then be used as the recording tool for the students in the ensemble, our team will remove the audio record on your video and replace it with a fresh audio track of the piece you selected. We then line up the new audio track with your conducting. Your conducting video will be created for your students to watch and listen to while recording. The option to add the conductors video to the final video product is available, the editing costs will apply to the conductor’s video.

Why do I need to select how many students will be involved?

The overall price of your product is affected by the number of students who participate. The more student videos that are submitted increases the time required to complete the editing of your final video by our video editor. Please be as accurate as possible when estimating how many students will participate.

What if I don't know how many of my students will submit videos?

Please select the option which indicates the highest number of participants you expect to include in your final video. If your final number of participants drops you into a lower option, we'll reassign your project and — depending on your method of payment — either a) bill your purchase order at the lower cost or b) refund your credit card the difference.

I have multiple ensembles I want to do this with, how do I register for them?

For multiple ensembles, you will need to purchase and register for each ensemble individually. Each ensemble will receive its own Virtual Classroom for learning, practicing, and recording their selected piece.

I want to have my ensemble work on and record multiple pieces through the OVE throughout the semester, is this possible without paying and registering again?

Yes, when checking out with the product you wish to use, please select the number of pieces your ensemble will perform from the drop down. Selecting multiple pieces will change the overall price of your product in checkout. If choosing multiple pieces, only one piece can be worked on in your Virtual Classroom at a time.

What do I get when I make a purchase?

You'll receive the following when purchasing a Virtual Ensemble: • Music selection from • PDF copies of the piece(s) selected • Licensing for all GPG Music publications • Backing track with a click-off • Shared registration results and video submission folder • Student video evaluations before entering the editing process • Video editing of your final product (custom videos include an additional cost) • Technical support • 1 virtual performance (final video) of piece(s) selected • Permissions to share your final video

Do I need to purchase music from GPG Music?

NO! You do not need to purchase any music from the GPG Music website. Making a purchase of a Virtual Ensemble from OVE will provide you with PDF copies of the music you select. If selecting a Concert Band or Orchestra piece from GPG Music, you will also receive a physical copy of the piece in the mail for your ensemble’s library.

How long does my ensemble get to use the Virtual Classroom?

Your purchase of the Virtual Classroom includes 30 days of use. You can specify when you want to begin using the Classroom, and purchase additional time if your ensemble needs an extended timeline to finish the recording process.

Do you have student or director waivers I can show my administration?

Yes! We have made them easily downloadable! Please find the student waiver and director waiver here.