Frequently Asked Questions

I can't upload my video, what do I do?

Sometimes it can be an issue with your internet. First, please try the following suggestions:

  1. Make sure the device you are uploading from is connected to wifi (if you are attempting to upload from your phone's cellular service it will likely take a long time or fail)
  2. Check your wifi speed. Google "Wifi Speed Test" and you will be able to run a quick test to see how fast your wifi is. If your upload speed is less than 10 mbs, it may not work to upload your video
  3. If your internet speed is slow, try restarting your router and modem (most allow you to just unplug them and wait a few seconds). Your internet speed may also be affected by the number of people in your household using the internet, or if your community is densely populated, speeds may be affected by the number of people in your neighborhood at home using their internet.
  4. Try uploading later at night or early in the morning.
  5. Is it possible to upload from your school’s wifi? Although it is quite possible you are distance learning, sometimes you can use your school’s wifi from the parking lot. As long as your video is on a device you can move (phone, tablet, laptop) you should be able to go to your school and connect to the wifi to upload the videos.
  6. Are there any local restaurants or coffee shops near you that you can go to and connect to their wifi? One example is Starbucks, who offers free wifi. Sometimes you can connect to if from the parking lot.
Here is a list of chain stores that offer free wifi: If it is not an issue with the internet, here are some alternative upload options: Google drive is another place you can upload your videos. Please contact us at to discuss details of uploading your video using Google Drive.

I recorded with a different audio track from the Recording Video, can I submit it?

No, you must watch the Recording Video while you record your submission. Recordings made with another audio track or with a metronome are subject to being muted in the final video or being excluded entirely form the final product.

For Choir Only: Does our whole body need to be in the video or just the bottom 2/3rds?

No, your whole body does not need to be in the frame. As the recording instructions specify, place yourself in the frame so that you take up the bottom 2/3rds of the frame.

Will I be left out of the video if I do not rename my video?

Please do not worry about being left out of the final production. We ask for participants to rename their videos so sorting them is a little bit easier for us, but we can certainly rename videos on our end. In the review process each video is renamed according to the folder it is uploaded in. As long as the video is uploaded to the correct folder, renaming your video will not be a problem.

I can't find the video to record to, where (or which one) is the recording video?

You will find the recording video on Stage 5 of the virtual classroom, or on the second page of your student PDF document. If you are using the virtual classroom, you need to visit each of the stages (1-4) before you can get to Stage 5 to record. Be sure to watch the “How to Record” video on Stage 3 and practice your part with the video on Stage 4 before continuing to Stage 5. Your final video submission will be recorded with the video from Stage 5 as it will instruct you on when to start recording on your recording device and will prompt you to give the countdown for us to easily line up your recording with everyone else. Do not record you final video from Stage 4. Finally, unless specifically asked to, do not submit your Stage 4 practice video.

Where is the audio track?

You will find the audio-only track to practice with on Stage 2 of the virtual classroom, or linked on the first page of your student PDF document. Use this audio to practice your part. Do not record your video using this audio track. A video to record your final video submission is provided on Stage 5.

If you are having issues involving audio/sound quality, here are some suggestions:

  1. Try standing further away from your recording device.
  2. If you can, try to record with your smartphone. (Most of the newer devices have decent recording microphones)
  3. Plug in headphones to your recording device and see if this improves your audio quality.
  4. If you can, go into your recording device’s settings and look for an adjustable audio level. Most devices (especially computers), allow you to adjust the incoming (or input, not output) audio level. If you are able to, turn this level down and see if this improves your sound quality.
  5. As a last resort: If you’ve previously been successful with other recording projects that use just audio (such as auditions), use that set up. If necessary, you can record just your audio, then record a video of you playing through your piece. We can use the audio-only track you record and layer it over a video-only play-through of the piece. This is only as a last resort option, and you must contact about using this option.

If have any questions regarding how to record your video, please reference the Recording Instructions PDF linked here and in Stage 5 of your classroom.

If you have any other questions or need further assistance, please reach out