It's Time to Enter the WGI eShowcases

The WGI eShowcases are a few weeks out, and there is still time to enter and take advantage of Our Virtual Ensemble’s (OVE) curriculum and platform.

Even if you haven’t seen your students in a long time, OVE can help your programs with high-quality productions for the WGI eShowcase in winds, percussion or color guard. We work with any level of performance and achievement, editing your student's audio and video recordings to ensure you’re both proud of the final eShowcase video. We also work with educators to recommend the timeline for best success.

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You can put together an eShowcase even if your students don’t have instruments. We have titles such as Bucket Beats that can be performed on any number of household items such as trash cans, pots and pans, or whatever is available!

We know budgets are tight so we have made OVE affordable. A single piece such as Bucket Beats or a movement of an GPG Indoor Percussion or Winds show costs only $295 for up to 20 performers (more than 20 can be included for a small additional cost). We include licensing to use any GPG Music titles and grant you a complimentary synchronization license. Typically, many of you license GPG Music shows for in-real-time education for a cost of $695. For less than $1,000 you can do three projects – a complete GPG Indoor show! It is also possible to use music from other publishers and composers, and we can help you with the appropriate licensing.


The eShowcase is coming up quickly and it’s not too late — you can still provide this opportunity for your students. It’s a national stage, and an opportunity to begin to regroup and retrain your musicians and performers for the upcoming fall season.