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Inspire and nurture your ensemble through

Digital Learning, 

Practicing, & Performing



What is Our Virtual Ensemble? 

Our Virtual Ensemble is a platform for Performing Arts Educators to continue teaching and inspiring their students through adjusted learning environments.

We provide you with the tools to virtually learn, practice, and record pieces or routines as an ensemble, provide feedback to individual members, and share performances with your audience virtually.

In times such as these, we know that many are unsure of what the future holds and when they will be together to learn and perform again.

Our Virtual Ensemble was created so you do not have to wait for someday in the future to teach your students and see them perform.

We were formed by the team at GPG Music who live the mission to, "Inspire the next generation," which is what Our Virtual Ensemble is designed to do; Provide you the tools to inspire the next generation of Performing Artists.


Licensing for any piece in our approved catalog. Currently there are Concert Band, Concert Percussion, Marching Band, Drumline, Colorguard/Dance, and Orchestra selections available from GPG Music. Please go to “Get Started” to view the catalog of available music!

Complimentary PDF part copies for all of your group members. They can view on a device or print and practice at home.

Virtual Classroom customized for your ensemble – it’s your virtual music room! Students will receive music, recordings, instructional videos, and any assignments you wish to give here. Students will also upload any progress checks and their final video in the classroom. 

*Please note the Virtual Classroom is only hosted for 60 days of use, additional time is available for purchase if required. 

Backing track with a click-off to practice along with so everything lines up perfectly and your ensemble sounds great. 

Customized instructional video for your ensemble, so they can practice and record using their own devices.


Shared registration results so you (the director) know exactly which of your students have signed up. 


Shared video folder so the director can watch and assess every participant’s assignment(s) and final video prior to the editing process. 

Video editing and production Video editing, production, and audio mixing.

Permissions to share your completed project with your audience.






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